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9v PP3 DC Arduino Power Cable
A 9v PP3 battery adapter for powering your Arduino (or any other 9v device) via its 2.1mm (centre po..
Buzzer / Speaker
Make your Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects beep (or sing!) - a simple speaker and exactly the same ..
Covert Earpiece for Baofeng / TYT
A covert earpiece/mic featuring discrete "acoustic" earpiece and lapel-mic/PTT.  Ideal for secu..
£6.00 £5.00
Electronic Goodies Box
The perfect gift for the budding electronics tinkerer!  A selection of components, 2 piece of b..
£12.00 £10.00
End-Fed μCoupler 25w
The End-Fed Halfwave is an easy to deploy aerial - Either up a non-conductive support (ie: fishing-p..
LCD Display Module 16x2
An LCD display module for Arduino projects. 16x2 layout Easy to interface to any Arduino mic..
Light Dependent Resistors LDR [pair]
A pair of light dependent resistors (LDR) that rise to over 1M-ohm (1 million ohms) when in darkness..
Micro SD Card Module
A microSD card module suitable for Arduino projects that require data to be read/written. Can be ..
Microphone Shockmount
A shockmount suspension holder for studio microphones.  This is a lightweight item and ideal fo..
£8.00 £5.00
Resistor Pack 600pcs
An assortment of 1/4-watt 1% metal-film resistors in 30 values and 20 of each value. Ideal for the c..
£5.00 £4.00
Resistors [10pk]
A pack of 10 resistors for use with LEDs in Arduino and Raspberry Pi electronic projects. 330-..
£0.50 £0.45
Rotary Encoder
A rotary encoder with integral push-switch for use with Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects - great as..
Solderless Breadboard [long]
A large solderless breadboard ideal for prototype circuits, Arduino/RaspberryPi projects and experim..
Ultrasonic Detector Module HC-SR04
An ultrasonic detector module used for measuring distances and the following projects: Make a ..
USB A to B Cable
A USB A to B cable - can be used with Arduino Uno boards or other USB-based accessories. USB "..
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