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12v Vehicle USB Converter
Plugs into your vehicle's lighter socket giving you a 5v 1A USB output. Great for charging your s..
9v PP3 DC Arduino Power Cable
A 9v PP3 battery adapter for powering your Arduino (or any other 9v device) via its 2.1mm (centre po..
Arduino Ethernet Shield
Give your Arduino project some internet!  Adds network connectivity to any Mega or Uno controll..
Buzzer / Speaker
Make your Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects beep (or sing!) - a simple speaker and exactly the same ..
Covert Earpiece for Baofeng / TYT
A covert earpiece/mic featuring discrete "acoustic" earpiece and lapel-mic/PTT.  Ideal for secu..
£6.00 £5.00
Electronic Goodies Box
The perfect gift for the budding electronics tinkerer!  A selection of components, 2 piece of b..
LCD Display Module 16x2
An LCD display module for Arduino projects. 16x2 layout Easy to interface to any Arduino mic..
Light Dependent Resistors LDR [pair]
A pair of light dependent resistors (LDR) that rise to over 1M-ohm (1 million ohms) when in darkness..
Micro SD Card Module
A microSD card module suitable for Arduino projects that require data to be read/written. Can be ..
Resistor Pack 600pcs
An assortment of 1/4-watt 1% metal-film resistors in 30 values and 20 of each value. Ideal for the c..
£5.00 £4.00
Resistors [10pk]
A pack of 10 resistors for use with LEDs in Arduino and Raspberry Pi electronic projects. 330-..
£0.50 £0.45
Rotary Encoder
A rotary encoder with integral push-switch for use with Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects - great as..
Solderless Breadboard [long]
A large solderless breadboard ideal for prototype circuits, Arduino/RaspberryPi projects and experim..
Ultrasonic Detector Module HC-SR04
An ultrasonic detector module used for measuring distances and the following projects: Make a ..
USB A to B Cable
A USB A to B cable - can be used with Arduino Uno boards or other USB-based accessories. USB "..
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