Want to offer our products in your Country?

We are looking for dealers/distributors in Australia and the USA who are willing to stock the following products:

1:1 uBalun - QRP micro balun

1:1 Balun 100w - for use with Dipoles, Doublets and G5RV

Choke Balun for G5RV*

Choke/Line Isolator*

CobWebb Balun - the integral component for this 5-band HF aerial

* These are 400-watt (continuous), 1kW (max) device but we could improve the power-handling to cater for the higher powers permitted in the USA


There would be a discount on the prices seen on our shop subject to a minimum order quantity of any 10 units plus shipping.
You would be free to set the end-user price.

Interested?  Please get in touch!