DMR CodePlug for TYT Tytera MD-380, MD-2017, Retevis RT3, RT82 and Zastone D900

The files here are offered in good faith and may be used, modified and re-distributed as you wish
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Attention Repeater Keepers:
One of the big problems with DMR has been the lack of information on your repeater group's website.  It's pointless going to all the trouble of putting in a digital repeater and not telling people how to use it.  With a simple layout of available TalkGroups and how to properly access and navigate them - it can make all the difference in attracting new users.

For a quick run-down of TalkGroups and local systems here in Essex - see Essex Ham's DMR page here.

We include TS1ALL and TS2ALL on our CodePlugs - these are the "all talkgroup" channels which allow you to monitor all available TalkGroups on either Time-Slot 1 or 2 without having to find the active TG.  So, with TS1ALL, you may hear a call on UKW235 followed by traffic on WW1 shortly after.  This is achieved using the RX Groups - and quite handy for monitoring activity either locally, nationally or worldwide.

Essex / South-East CodePlug
This CodePlug serves mostly Essex, London and Kent and is offered as a quick and easy way to get your Retevis, TYT or Zastone UHF handheld operating with local DMR (and FM) systems.

REMEMBER TO ADD YOUR DMR USER ID into the Configuration: General Setting>Radio ID
You can use your Callsign for the "Radio Name", plus your Callsign/Name for the "Intro Screen" so you know that it's yours when its powered-up.  Using the MD-380 CPS software, click "General Settings" to open the dialogue shown above - set the entries shown in red with your own details.


Extra Downloads
(for tweakers and advanced users)

Programming Tips
The best/easiest way to make a custom/fresh CodePlug is to make a copy of the main Excel list, remove the unwanted channels and then save it as a CSV Text file.  Use the Contact Manager to import the Contact CSV as the names will need to match those in my Excel list - save the file and then open it in the CPS program.  Use N7XSQ's software to import the Excel CSV into the MD-380 CPS. Once done (it takes about 1 sec per channel), you can add your Zones.

Do NOT touch your computer while this process takes place or you will end up with lots of errors!  You may wish to try a sample import of 5-10 entries to test the process, first.

There are over 2800 Channels in the UK-wide CodePlug spreadsheet so a single MD-380 CPS file is a bit of a struggle due to the 1000-channel limit. Therefore, you are advised to trim the Excel list
for your own region and intended repeaters/frequencies.  Adding a few extra analogue (or digital) channels is quite simple - just right-click the "Channels Information" heading on the tree-view and select "Add".  This will add a blank channel entry at the bottom of the list.  You can then select an existing channel, right-click and "Copy", then "Paste" on the new channel - this will then inherit the same frequency/mode data.  You can then give it a name and tweak any settings you wish.