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Ham Radio, or Amateur Radio is a communications and electronics hobby.  Whether you're a buyer or a maker - we have a bit of everything for not only the Shack, but a range of outdoor/portable kit, too.  From aerials to adapters, cables to controllers and sensors to SDR.  A number of products are made in-house, and we take pride in using not only the best quality materials but also the right materials - Amateur Radio is, traditionally, a technical hobby and this means that some of our products are building-blocks as part of a larger project - and others are ready to use "as is".

Ham Goodies offer a range of add-ons for your handheld/mobile radio plus HF aerial parts, baluns and a small range of Arduino/Raspberry Pi "tech".  We ship to the UK+Europe.

Monday 23rd April : There will be no outgoing post on this day.  Orders placed late Friday through Monday will be sent out on Tuesday.

Our Problem-Solver is a 31-mix snap-on ferrite that works great on both mains and coaxial cables. We also have a good stock of general-purpose ferrite toroids for home-brew Baluns.

Getting ready for /P?  Our 2m Slim-Jim Kit is great for hill-top FM working, and much better than a rubber-duck.  Works great when affixed to any non-metallic support.

Don't forget our Dipole Centre Kit which now includes end-insulators as well as a dipole crib-sheet, and is ideal for newbies or even a raffle prize at a club night.

Programming a radio isn't too difficult, but if you're struggling, have a look at our video guide to using CHIRP


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