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12v to USB Converter
Converts 12v DC to a 5v 2A USB output - Great for charging your smartphone/tablet during a portable ..
12v Vehicle 2xUSB Converter
Plugs into your vehicle's lighter socket giving you a 2 USB outputs and a through-connector for powe..
12v Vehicle USB Converter
Plugs into your vehicle's lighter socket giving you a 5v 1A USB output. Great for charging your s..
1:1 Balun 100w
A general-purpose 1:1 Balun for use on HF with your 100w transceiver.  This revised design uses..
1:1 Balun 400w
It's a bit of an animal -  A 1:1 Balun for use on HF (1.8-30MHz) that easily handles 400w RF po..
1:1 μBalun 100w
A 1:1 "micro" Balun for use on HF (best suited for 7-30MHz) for when you're out portable or need a l..
2m Slim-Jim Antenna Kit
The Slim-Jim is a classic - it offers a fair amount of gain and when made from "ladder-line", can be..
3.5mm 4-pole Plug
A 3.5mm plug with 4 connections - As used in smartphones/tablets and Yaesu handhelds.  Also kno..
31-Mix Snap-On Ferrite
This snap-on ferrite is a serious item - It's a 31-mix ferrite that is ideal for use as a mains filt..
4:1 9:1 16:1 UnUn 200w
A multi-ratio UnUn for use on HF (1.8-30MHz) with up to 200w RF power.  Sometimes, a single rat..
4:1 9:1 16:1 UnUn with Choke 200w
A multi-ratio UnUn (just like our original model) but includes an integrated Choke Balun.  This..
5mm Snap-on Ferrite Clip
A 5mm Snap-on ferrite clip for keeping RF out of keyboards/mice and other Shack peripherals. Works w..
6.35mm to 3.5mm Stereo Adapter
A gold-plated 6.35mm (1/4") to 3.5mm (1/8") stereo adapter for converting your earphones to a larger..
9:1 UnUn 100w
A QRP 9:1 UnUn in a small package for use on HF (3-30MHz) with up to 100w RF power - Perfect for you..
9v PP3 DC Arduino Power Cable
A 9v PP3 battery adapter for powering your Arduino (or any other 9v device) via its 2.1mm (centre po..
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