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Kit Bag for /P [deluxe]
Our deluxe /P kit-bag has 4 layers of storage and keeps your /P essentials safely stored.  You'..
Kit Bag for /P [standard]
Keeping your /P essentials safely stored can be a problem - with this zip bag you'll never get in a ..
Laminated Transceiver User Guides
For the newbie, getting to grips with repeaters, split-shifts, CTCSS as well as DMR TalkGroups, colo..
LCD Display Module 16x2
An LCD display module for Arduino projects. 16x2 layout Easy to interface to any Arduino mic..
Light Dependent Resistors LDR [pair]
A pair of light dependent resistors (LDR) that rise to over 1M-ohm (1 million ohms) when in darkness..
Mag Mount Base [PL259]
A magnetic base to mount a VHF/UHF aerial on your vehicle without drilling holes - The easily remova..
MCX to BNC Adapter
A coaxial adapter that lets you use your RTL SDR Dongle with a BNC-fed aerial.  We supply our R..
MCX to SO239 Adapter
A coaxial adapter that lets you use your RTL SDR Dongle with a PL259-fed aerial.  We supply o..
MCX to TV Aerial Adapter for RTL Dongle
A 10cm adapter cable for use with an RTL SDR Dongle featuring an MCX (push-fit) connector. This is u..
Microphone Shockmount
A shockmount suspension holder for studio microphones.  This is a lightweight item and ideal fo..
£8.00 £5.00
Mobile Headset Mic
This microphone-only headset can be used as part of a mobile installation to ensure not only consist..
£5.00 £4.00
Multi-Function Radio Pouch
A great accessory for the walker/cyclist - keeps your radio secure either at your belt or on your ch..
Patch Leads [50cm]
An RG58 patch cable for inter-Shack and /P hook-ups.  Available in a variety of connectors and ..
Pixie 40m 1-watt CW QRP Transceiver Kit
The 40m Pixie is about as simple as a CW transceiver gets: A QRP crystal-controlled with a basic "ke..
£5.00 £4.00
Pixie Crystals
These are crystals for use with our 40m Pixie kit - If you wish to experiment with the board then mo..
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