Pixie 40m CW QRP Transceiver Kit

Pixie 40m CW QRP Transceiver Kit
Pixie 40m CW QRP Transceiver Kit
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The 40m Pixie is about as simple as a CW transceiver gets: A QRP crystal-controlled with a basic "key" input and minimal components. We supply our own build instructions with this kit (others don't), so this kit is suitable for even the beginner - You will need an Amateur Radio licence to transmit with it.  Once built, it has a fixed transmit frequency of 7.023MHz and the RX can be shifted a few hundred Hz using the variable pot.

An ideal "Intermediate" training kit, but can also be built (and used) by Foundation licence holders.

Difficulty : 3/5 - Some soldering experience is advised as care needs to be taken when applying heat to the PCB - but, with care and/or guidance, this project can be suitable for a beginner.  This project is a level 3 as it requires more thinking regarding component placement and assembly.

  • 7.023MHz crystal supplied
  • BNC aerial connector
  • Straight Key input
  • 800mW to 1-watt 9-12v DC
  • FREE 2.1mm DC to 9v PP3 adapter cable!
  • LM386 audio amp for headphones or small 8-ohm speaker
  • Includes instructions and build-tips

A great excuse to melt some solder and improve your Morse skills - ours reached the Dutch WebSDR with a dipole at just 15ft above ground.

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