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We ship to the UK, Europe and United States.
We do not have a telephone number as we cannot take payments over the phone.

We typically deal with e-mails 9am-2pm Monday to Friday. Please note that Ham Goodies is NOT a full-time business - Please be patient if you require technical help regarding one of the products offered on this website. Mondays can be particularly busy as we make it a priority to pack+ship orders rather than be tied to a computer answering messages.

If you are enquiring about an existing order, please reply to the order e-mail you received as it helps us quickly ascertain who you are, your order number and what you have ordered. You can check your order status at any time by logging into your account - Once an order is posted, we'll change its status and you'll get an e-mail from us along with a tracking-number/message as required.

You can use this e-mail address for all enquiries:

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