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Anytone DMR CodePlug / CHIRP CSV

Anytone DMR CodePlug / CHIRP CSV
Anytone DMR CodePlug / CHIRP CSV
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This is a free download containing a starter CodePlug for the Anytone AT-D878UVii handheld transceiver.  It may also be possible to use it with other Anytone radios.

We have written our own CodePlug generator that contains a database of UK repeaters/gateways plus the TalkGroups available on the DMR network - it then produces a large Excel spreadsheet which we prune into a manageable CSV file to load into the Anytone software.  This includes all DMR+FM repeaters plus MB6/MB7 gateways.  Where a repeater offers multi-mode operation, there'll be separate channels for digital and FM.

Anytone radios permit easy "dial-in" of TalkGroups, so there are minimal entries "per repeater" - this means that you can select a custom TalkGroup via the keypad when you wish to TX.  A few Zones are offered as a starter but it's up to you to add your local repeaters into them.  There is also a UK+Ireland "Contacts" list stored in the radio. The popular "TS1 ALL" / "TS2 ALL" channels are retained allowing you to monitor *all* activity on a particular Time-Slot without needing to find the active TalkGroup.

In order to get on-air with this CodePlug, you will have to carry out the following:

  • Read from the radio and make a copy of any existing CodePlug/settings first!
  • Download and open the file below into the Anytone CPS programming software
  • Change the DMR/Radio ID to your own and any other settings that you wish to personalize (eg: APRS, Bluetooth)
  • Create/edit Zones to include your local repeaters/gateways
  • Upload the newly edited file to the radio via USB cable
  • Download Anytone D878 Starter CodePlug  [contacts+repeaters updated 7th November 2023)

This CodePlug file is offered on a free "take it as you find it" basis without any kind of support - we used it as a starting block for our own radio.

We may update this file from time-to-time as repeater/network configurations change.  Our database takes the UKRepeater listing plus information from other DMR websites to ascertain the specific regions/links/talkgroups for each repeater - where possible, we've included default "TalkGroup links" but may not have been able to find them all.

CHIRP CSV File  [repeaters updated 2nd October 2023]
You can also grab our FREE UK Repeater (and EchoLink) CSV file for CHIRP which you can use to load memories into your radio.  This file contains all 2m/70cm GB3/GB7/MB6/MB7 systems (over 800 entries) for use with FM and digital (DMR, Fusion etc) radios.

Open this file in CHIRP, then "read" from your own radio (this will give you 2 tabs) - you can then copy+paste memories across before sending them back to the radio.  You can use CTRL/SHIFT to block select items, move memories up/down etc.  On some radios, the FM mode may not always be consistent for 2m "Narrow" Deviation:  It could be FM or NFM.  "Wide" may be FM or WFM.  The "Wide" setting is for full 25KHz-spaced channels and broadcast radio.

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