1:1 ATU Choke 400w [CLEARANCE]

1:1 ATU Choke 400w [CLEARANCE]
1:1 ATU Choke 400w [CLEARANCE]
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We have a few of the FT240-31 with 8-turns, 30cm length remaining - offered here at a slight saving over the current 9-turn version.

When you bring balanced feeder into the Shack, it's good practice to use a Choke/Balun to interface it to your ATU.  This Choke allows you to connect 300 or 450-ohm feeder to your antenna tuner and is best suited for "indoor" use, ie: under the desk, right behind the tuner.

It's the same type of Choke found in our boxed G5RV offering and has been developed as it removes the need for a patch cable, can be used (with care) /P, and is cost-effective.  Using a 1:1 Current Balun at the junction of balanced-feeder+coax is preferable, in most cases, to a 4:1 Balun - and certainly better than the internal 4:1 (voltage) balun found in many tuners!

  • 8-turns of Mini-8 on an FT240-31 core - rated for 400-watts
  • PL259 and 4mm wing-nut terminals
  • Length 30cm end-to-end

For other lengths and ferrite types of this product, please see the ATU Choke product.

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