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We all like a few useful items around the Shack, possibly even something to build on a cold night - Here we have a selection of low-cost items that are great prizes+giveaways for Amateur Radio club-nights and special events.  Why not improve the quality of your club's raffle with an actual Amateur Radio prize...?

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13mm Snap-on Ferrite Clip
A 13mm Snap-on ferrite clip for keeping RF out of keyboards/mice and other Shack perhiperals. A few ..
1:1 Choke Balun 400w [unbranded]
This is a 1:1 Balun/Choke that is offered unbranded for resale and is sold on a MOQ of 5 units. ..
1:1 μBalun QRP
A 1:1 "micro" Balun for use on HF (best suited for 7-30MHz) for when you're out portable or need a l..
2m Slim Jim - Built
This is a built+tuned version of our popular 2m Slim-Jim Kit product.  We've done the hard work..
2m Slim Jim Antenna Kit
The Slim-Jim is a classic - equally at home whether it's up a telescopic pole or hanging from a holi..
31-Mix Snap-On Ferrite
If you're in need of a mains filter or ad-hoc RF choke, this snap-on 31-mix ferrite is for you. ..
6.35mm to 3.5mm Stereo Adapter
A 6.35mm (1/4") to 3.5mm (1/8") stereo adapter for converting your earphones to a larger Hi-Fi socke..
Anytone DMR CodePlug / CHIRP CSV
This is a free download containing a starter CodePlug for the Anytone AT-D878UVii handheld transceiv..
Dipole Centre Kit
Keeping things simple (and lightweight), this 3rd-generation of our popular dipole/doublet centre is..
Ferrite Toroid FT240-31
For use in baluns and chokes/isolators. More than enough for UK legal power so perfect for your QRO ..
Items We Don't Sell!
We are often asked about whether we sell a particular product and the most common reason for not off..
Laminated Frequency Finder [pk 5]
A pack of five handy quick-reference frequency finders for use in your /P kit. These A7 laminated gu..
Microphone Holder
Microphone holder "hook" for a fist mic - includes fixing screws. Just like the ones that normall..
Patch Leads RG8 Mini
Our patch-leads use MINI8 (aka: RG8 MINI) which offers improved performance over RG58 in a cable tha..
PowerPole Connector Kit [30Amp]
A pack of 5 PowerPole connector pairs for use with 12-volt cables in the Shack or Mobile/Portable. ..
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