CobWebb Balun Box

CobWebb Balun Box
CobWebb Balun Box CobWebb Balun Box
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The CobWebb is a popular antenna due to its small size - it's a 5-band HF aerial, under 8ft square, and is ideal for the small QTH.  One of the issues for home-constructors has been how to cut+tune the folded-dipole elements.  Fortunately, G3TXQ came up with the idea of using single dipole wires and feeding the aerial via a 1:4 balun which transforms the 12.5-ohm aerial back to 50-ohms to match your transceiver.

NEW - Choose from our standard Balun or opt for the QRO version with increased power-handling.  Larger ferrites on the QRO version allows for higher power and ideal for users who are fortunate enough to have more than the 400w limit we have here in the UK!

There are plenty of articles online about this balun and how it's built - but construction is not for everyone and it's certainly not a beginner's project so we've done the hard work for you.  This is a no-solder product and ready for mounting onto your CobWeb metalwork and spreaders.  The rugged box houses a 1:4 balun for use with the G3TXQ CobWeb design (the original, by G3TPW is known as the CobWebb) and is available in 2 version depending upon your power requirements.

  • Standard: 2x FT140-61 and RG-316, approx 250-watt
  • QRO: 2x FT240-61 and RG-316, approx 800-watt
  • 2x 1" Stauff clamps for boom mounting
  • 10x M4 screw-terminals (plus washers and lock-nuts) for wires
  • Overall dimensions: 130(d)x90(w)x120(h)mm
  • Overall weight: 660g (standard), 775g (QRO) - box is filled with potting compound for weather-proofing
  • Fitting and tuning instructions supplied

This is not a complete aerial!  You will need to add some metalwork, fibreglass spreaders and 5 sets of dipole wires (we use CPC CB19907 for ours).  For the metal, we suggest the Aerial-Parts metalwork from John G4ZTR and a set of fibreglass spreaders (Sandpiper) to form a complete 20m-10m HF aerial solution that can be assembled with a just a spanner, a pair of wire-cutters and an SWR meter or antenna analyzer.  Read details of John's own CobWebb build here.

Building your own?  For the balun, you'll need 2x FT140-61 or 2x FT240-61 and 3m of RG-316.

What about the MFJ CobWebb?  Yes, what about it?  For starters, we've seen the balun: Only 2 terminals to mount the 10 wires (ours has 1 terminal per wire). They've also got ferrite beads on the coax as it comes out of the box - Why? The 1:4 Balun is a Current Balun and doesn't need additional choking. This suggests that they've cut corners on the balun or are selling you non-essential "window-dressing". The mounting plate only permits the aerial to be mounted at the top of a pole - if you want a VHF/UHF colinear above, tough luck! G4ZTR's metalwork kit (our design) allows you to mount it anywhere up a 1.5-2" pole.

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