Dipole Centre Kit

Dipole Centre Kit
Dipole Centre Kit Dipole Centre Kit Dipole Centre Kit Dipole Centre Kit
Brand: Ham Goodies
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Keeping things simple (and lightweight), this dipole/doublet centre is great for portable operating or even for low-profile use at the home QTH. Strain-relief holes are provided and the direct feeder connection allows you to mount it high up a telescopic fishing-pole without the extra weight of connectors. These are precision laser-cut so for extra strength you could glue 2 together if you really wanted. Their bright-yellow colour makes them easy to find if dropped in long grass.

Pictures 3+4 show how to wire them up using coax or balanced feeder.  Cable-ties can secure the feeder for a more robust fit.

  • Yellow 3mm acrylic centre-piece with mounting holes
  • Stainless-steel M4 hardware kit - 2 bolts, 4 nuts, 8 washers, 2 solder-tags, 2 solder-spades
  • 2x cable-ties for supporting balanced/coax feeder
  • Includes plastic guy-runners (as end-insulators)
  • Leaflet with aerial tips - perfect for the Foundation licence
  • Extra M4 hardware fixings are also available here

HamGoodies Dipole Centre as used by Tim G5TMJust add some aerial wires plus RG58/RG174 coax or balanced feeder for a complete fixed/portable HF aerial solution.  If used as part of a Doublet, you will need to convert the balanced feeder to coax - best practice is to use a current balun and the shortest length of coax possible.  A 1:1 Current Balun (aka: Choke) is preferred in most cases over the typically "QRP" 4:1 voltage balun found in many ATUs.

Something familiar on Youtube! Flattery is when you notice your product on a Youtube thumbnail.  Thanks to Tim G5TM, this video shows the centre-piece in use on his End-Fed aerial.

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