DMR CodePlugs

DMR CodePlugs
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Over the past few years, we've programmed many DMR radios for customers - so we thought that we'd share those local CodePlug files for FREE!

No purchase required - just use the download links below...

In due course, we'll be adding to this collection, so these serve as a quick "get you going" option if you live in the areas offerred.  The following files are previous customer CodePlugs that have had their Call/ID removed but do have a recent Contacts List in them.  You will need to enter your own DMR ID using the MD380-CPS software.  Please see our DMR Resource page for details of how to do this.

We include TS1ALL and TS2ALL on our CodePlugs - these are the "all talkgroup" channels which allow you to monitor all available TalkGroups on either Time-Slot 1 or 2 without having to find the active TG.  So, with TS1ALL, you may hear a call on UKW235 followed by traffic on WW1 shortly after.  This is achieved using the RX Groups - and quite handy for monitoring activity either locally, nationally or worldwide.

MD-2017 / RT-82 2m/70cm VHF/UHF :

MD-380 / RT-3 70cm/UHF :

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