RG142 Coaxial Cable

RG142 Coaxial Cable
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RG142 coaxial cable is serious stuff, and yes it's a bit expensive - it's the same diameter as RG58 (5mm) but, due to its PTFE material, is capable of handling lots of power!  Features a double-screen and is perfect for QRO baluns and internal hook-ups in legal-limit amplifiers.  8-12 turns of this on an FT240-31 or FT240-43 Ferrite Toroid make an ideal HF Balun.

  • Great for QRO : 9kW at 10MHz, 3.5kW at 50MHz, 1.5kW at 144MHz

Sold in multiples of 1 metre. eg: Order 3 for a 3m length - a single 1m length is ample for any type of Balun/Choke.

See our 400w Doublet/G5RV Choke if you want something ready-made!

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