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We offer a variety of Amateur Radio goodies for not only the Shack, but a range of outdoor/portable kit, as well.  A number of products are made in our workshop and we take pride in using not only the best quality materials but also the right materials.  See About Us for more.

We ship to the UK+Europe.  Please note that prices of some items may fluctuate as we try to be as competitive as possible.

RT84 DMR TransceiverDual-Band DMR  We've got the RT84 2m+70cm DMR/FM transceiver.  They come pre-programmed with a UK-wide CodePlug plus your local repeater's "Talk-Groups" for instant recall along with local FM repeaters.  A "starter" UK CodePlug is also available for download on the product page.

Baluns and Ferrites : How do you select the best ferrite toroid material for your intended use?  We've produced a chart which shows how each type performs.  For most Dipole/Doublet installations up to 100w, we suggest this 1:1 Choke/Balun.  If you'd prefer QRO or something more suited to frequencies below 14MHz, our 400w Doublet/G5RV Choke is ideal.

Aerial Construction : If you want to build a great performer for 2m, our Slim-Jim kit is a great way to get into your local repeaters, chat with local Hams and enjoy a bit of "home brew" in the process.  It works in the loft, outside on a (non-conductive) pole or hanging from a balcony - an easy-to-build kit thanks to our 3-page instructions that come with it.

HamGoodies CobWeb Balun5 Bands, 1 Aerial : The CobWeb offers a 5-band solution (20m-10m) in under 8ft square.  We can provide the 1:4 Balun required for the G3TXQ version of the aerial.  The complete aerial comprises 5x dipole wires bent into a square around a set of fibreglass spreaders.  See our CobWeb Balun here.

Ham Goodies

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