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When is "in stock" actually "out of stock"?

There's nothing worse than finding something (or several things) on an online Ham store, completing the payment process and then getting an e-mail/phone-call saying that the item is on back-order and may be a few days (or a few weeks).  That's not how it should be done, is it?  If the item is showing as "in stock" then there's no reason why it shouldn't be on its way to you within a day or so.

Unlike the "big emporiums", we don't carry £££ of stock (if only we had the space!) so there are times when we may be out of stock or only have 1 item instead of 353.  Luckily, our shop tells you this so it's absolutely clear that what you're ordering is available to you - and it won't let you complete an order if any items are not in stock.  Not only that, but if you order before 3pm, your order will go out that day!

We've thought about allowing orders to go through even when there's no stock (and displaying a clear notice as such) but, as we buy direct, there is often a 7-14 day wait on items which isn't fair on you.

The plus side is, of course, if you see it as showing "in stock" then you'll probably get it the next day...

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