Radio Programming : If you need a head-start with programming a radio via CHIRP, here's our FREE UK Repeater (and EchoLink) CSV file which you can use to copy/paste into a radio.

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Laminated Transceiver User Guides
For the newbie, getting to grips with repeaters, split-shifts, CTCSS as well as DMR TalkGroups, colo..
Pixie 40m 1-watt CW QRP Transceiver Kit
The 40m Pixie is about as simple as a CW transceiver gets: A QRP crystal-controlled with a basic "ke..
Retevis RT84 VHF/UHF DMR+FM Transceiver
Introducing the RT84 - a 2m+70cm transceiver offering both DMR and FM modes.  It's a 5-watt dua..
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