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12v to USB Converter
Converts 12v DC to a 5v 2A USB output - Great for charging your smartphone/tablet during a portable ..
1:1 μBalun 100w
A 1:1 "micro" Balun for use on HF (best suited for 7-30MHz) for when you're out portable or need a l..
2m Slim-Jim Antenna Kit
The Slim-Jim is a classic - it offers a fair amount of gain and when made from "ladder-line", can be..
9:1 UnUn 100w
A QRP 9:1 UnUn in a small package for use on HF (3-30MHz) with up to 100w RF power - Perfect for you..
Aerial Nylon Cord Black [1.5mm]
A nylon cord for use with aerial rigging and perfect for use with dipole/inverted-v aerials with fis..
Aerial Nylon Cord Yellow [1.5mm]
A high-visibility nylon cord for use with aerial rigging and perfect for use with dipole/inverted-v ..
Aerial Rigging Cord 10m/33ft [5mm]
Perfect for /P and in a bright colour that's great for rigging light VHF yagis, support poles and ev..
Aerial Rigging Cord 20m/66ft [2mm]
Perfect for /P and in a bright high-visibility colour it's great for aerial rigging - You won't lose..
£4.50 £4.00
CW Paddle Key
A compact Paddle Key for the QRP and Portable CW enthusiast - Great for hiding-away under the desk o..
Dipole Centre Kit
Keeping things simple (and lightweight), this dipole/doublet centre is great for portable operating ..
£6.00 £5.00
Elecraft KX3 /P Pack
A great add-on for your Elecraft KX3 transceiver - and now includes a protective bag.  Perfect ..
Elecraft KX3 Heatsink
Add a heatsink to your Elecraft KX3 transceiver - helps to keep it cool when used for extended perio..
Elecraft PX3 Pack
A useful add-on for your Elecraft PX3 Panadapter - Handy for those who like to go /P with their prid..
Fist Microphone for Elecraft KX3
The Elecraft KX3 (and KX2) is a fantastic radio - but doesn't come with a microphone.  So, this..
Guy Runners [metal]
A pair of guy runners for aerial and tent rigging - Allows you to adjust the tension of your support..
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