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RG316 Coaxial Cable

RG316 Coaxial Cable
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RG316 coaxial cable for use with high-power (400w) baluns and hook-up cables in microwave projects.  PTFE insulation which does not melt when soldered - and capable of high-power use despite it's 3mm diameter.  It's the same size as RG174.

Making a general-purpose HF Balun?  Order 1m of this and wind 8 turns onto an FT140-43 or FT240-31.  We also stock a ready-made 100w Choke/Balun.

This is not a "long run" feeder coax - it's more suited for baluns and short internal hookups.

Sold by the metre, so order 1 for a 1m length, 3 for a 3m length etc.

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