9:1 UnUn 400w

9:1 UnUn 400w
9:1 UnUn 400w 9:1 UnUn 400w
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A 9:1 UnUn rated for 400-watts continuous across HF (1.8-30MHz).  Part of our new "Elite" range, this features two stacked FT240 cores for those running high power or that wish to make use of the optional mast-mounting hardware.  Do not be fooled by often cheaper units using smaller FT140 (1.4-inch) toroids and claiming 400-watt capacity!  Our UnUn uses a pair of FT240 (product page here) 61-mix ferrites.

The "standard" 250-watt version is also available.

A top-mounted eye-bolt allows for hanging/tying from a pulley, pole or suitable wall-fixing, a side eye-bolt provides strain-relief for the wire and there are 2x M5 bolts on the rear of the box for mounting to our optional pole hardware.

Optional Hardware : A more elegant/secure solution comprises an aluminium plate with a V-bolt.  This lets you mount the UnUn on any pole (up to 2-inches diameter).The rear of all our "Elite" boxes have 2x M5 "nyloc" bolts fixed from the inside which screw onto the plate.  These fittings are compatible with the outdoor "Elite" series boxes sold by us.

USE WITH : Random length end-fed wire/vertical - or see our End-Fed Halfwave Coupler if you want a resonant (and a potentially multi-band, no-tuner) solution.

  • 9:1 ratio (450>50-ohms)
  • 2x FT240-61 ferrite cores (not iron powder!)
  • SO239 coax input and M4 (4mm) terminals for aerial+counterpoise
  • Optional mast-mounting hardware (up to 2" dia)
  • 125x85x55mm
  • Sealed with potting-compound - fully weather-proof
  • All fixings are stainless-steel
  • Weight: 450g

We like CB19925 from CPC for our aerial wire.

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