Baluns and Ferrites

Baluns, Chokes, Isolators, UnUns and Ferrite Toroids for HF+VHF. We offer the best prices for FT140-43, FT140-61, FT240-31, FT240-43 and FT240-61 toroids in the UK - perfect for your balun projects.  The following chart shows how different ferrite materials perform across HF.  The green band indicates "resistive", which is desired for best performance.  As you can see, 8 turns of coax on an FT240-31 will suffice.  Coax can be RG316, RG58, RG8 "mini" or RG142 depending upon your power requirements.

Ferrite Toroid Chart

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Ferrite Toroid FT240-43
For use in baluns and line-isolators. More than enough for UK legal power so perfect for your QRO ba..
Ferrite Toroid FT240-61
A large ferrite toroid as used in our QRO CobWeb balun (2 ferrites are required if you're making you..
Ferrite Toroid FT68-43
A micro ferrite toroid for the QRP operator - this is perfect for small Baluns/Chokes and End-Fed ..
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