Baluns and Ferrites

Baluns, Chokes, Isolators, UnUns and Ferrite Toroids for HF+VHF. We offer the best prices for FT140-43, FT140-61, FT240-31 and FT240-43 toroids in the UK - perfect for your balun projects.  Video : Check out our Balun and Ferrite video which explains the basics of what/when/why.  The following chart shows how different ferrite materials perform across HF.  The green band indicates "resistive", which is desired for best performance.  In most cases, 8 turns on an FT240-31 (of RG58 or RG142 depending upon power requirements) will suffice.  12 turns is better for a <15MHz aerial setup.

Ferrite Toroid Chart

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Ferrite Toroid FT240-31
For use in baluns and chokes/isolators. More than enough for UK legal power so perfect for your QRO ..
Ferrite Toroid FT240-43
For use in baluns and line-isolators. More than enough for UK legal power so perfect for your QRO ba..
Ferrite Toroid FT240-61
A large ferrite toroid as used in our QRO CobWeb balun (2 ferrites are required if you're making you..
Ferrite Toroid FT68-43
A micro ferrite toroid for the QRP operator - this is perfect for small Baluns/Chokes and End-Fed ..
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