Items We Don't Sell!

Items We Don't Sell!
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We are often asked about whether we sell a particular product and the most common reason for not offering it is that we cannot beat the price of an another supplier or that the margin is just not worth the "hassle" for us. Also, more and more people are happy to buy from China and wait a bit longer for their item to arrive.

So, we decided to list the most popular "Why don't you sell xxx?" on this page!

  • Aerial Wire - This is catered for by other suppliers, but we tend to use CB19917 from CPC for our aerial wires
  • PowerPole Connectors - Great for safe power-supply/battery>radio hookups. SOTABEAMS offer a 12-pack 30-amp starter-kit and Torberry (UK) offer the complete range.
  • PL259 Plugs - We simply cannot beat the price of places like Moonraker for their RG58-size multi-pack (RG313-size here), plus the RG213-size compression-fit type.
  • Complete Aerials - Dipoles are pretty straightforward, but there are several factors that affect their resonant frequency: Height above ground, flat-top or inverted-v etc.  This is also why we do not supply our CobWeb Balun wires pre-tuned - they are cut for the formula 75/freq at the bottom band-edge ready for you to fine-tune.  We do sell a Dipole Centre Kit allowing you to create an easy feed-point for an HF Doublet/Dipole.
  • Small 31-mix snap-on Ferrites - Although we sell the big "Problem-Solver" (as featured in the "In Practice" articles, the smaller USB/audio cable ferrites made from 31-mix can be bought from Aerial Parts of Colchester. We do of course stock the "generic" 5mm and 9mm varieties which work well on keyboard, mice, speaker cables and also VHF aerials (like our Slim-Jim Kit).
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