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2m Slim Jim Antenna Kit

2m Slim Jim Antenna Kit
2m Slim Jim Antenna Kit 2m Slim Jim Antenna Kit
Brand: Ham Goodies
Product Code: HG-2MSJ
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The Slim-Jim is a bit of a classic - equally at home whether it's up a telescopic pole or hanging from a holiday balcony.  It offers considerable gain over a "rubber duck" and, when made from "ladder-line", can be rolled-up and easily transported..

Our kit includes everything you need to build the aerial with just a soldering-iron and a pair of wire-cutters.  We've marked the bottom-part of the ladder-line where you'll need to solder the coax - minor adjustments may be required using a simple SWR meter - but over 3MHz of usable SWR (<1.2:1) is attainable, making the tuning process very forgiving.

This is a great project for any Foundation/Intermediate licence-holder or perhaps part of a "club build" event.

Difficulty : 3/5 - Some soldering experience is advised, but, with care and/or guidance, this project can be suitable for a beginner.  Some assistance may be required during the SWR/tuning process.

If you'd prefer it ready-made and tuned - We offer a pre-tuned 2m Slim-Jim as well!


  • Approx 150cm of 450-ohm ladder-line
  • 30cm RG58 cable with pre-fitted in-line SO239 socket
  • Snap-on ferrite choke - keeps RF from flowing back down the coax
  • Heat-shrink tubing to protect solder-joints
  • Velcro cable-tie for storage/support
  • Comes with 3-page build+tuning instructions, but if you don't need them, you'll save £1

A great solution for QRP /P operating, but easily handles over 50-watts and also presents a reasonable SWR on 70cm.  This is a complete antenna kit that just requires a suitable length of coax to connect to your radio.  A 7-10m telescopic fishing-pole plus your favourite radio makes a great "portable" setup.

Club/Multi-Buy? If you have a requirement for more than we are showing in-stock, perhaps for a club-build or group project - please get in touch.

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