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Patch Leads RG8 Mini

Patch Leads RG8 Mini
Patch Leads RG8 Mini Patch Leads RG8 Mini
Brand: Ham Goodies
Product Code: HG-PTCHRG8
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Our patch-leads use MINI8 (aka: RG8 MINI) which offers improved performance over RG58 in a cable that's just 7mm diameter.  Perfect for short VHF/UHF radio/coax-switch hook-ups, linking your transceiver, ATU, SWR Meter and other accessories in the Shack or out "Portable".

Choke Option: An FT240 ferrite toroid in 31 or 75 mix can be added to the patch-lead if it's to be used indoors (or in dry /P conditions).  75 has better performance below 10MHz (eg: Doublet for 160-80-60-40m), but for a general-purpose HF Choke, 8-turns on a 31-mix is best.  The overall length remains the same, so you can specify this option on any length.  We also produce a 1:1: ATU Choke.

  • PL259 to PL259 or SO239 to PL259 (for connecting inline)
  • RG8 Mini Coax (7mm diameter) - handles up to 1500-watts @ 10MHz, 500-watts @ 30MHz
  • 100m Loss (vs RG58): 7.2dB (13dB) @ 50MHz , 10.5dB (15dB) @ 100MHz
  • Adhesive-lined heat-shrink tubing for added strength and protection
  • Choice of lengths (tip to tip): 30cm , 50cm , 1m , 2m
  • Optional FT240 ferrite choke with 8 or 12 turns
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