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Ferrite Toroid FT68-43

Ferrite Toroid FT68-43
Brand: Fair-Rite
Product Code: HG-FT6843
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A micro ferrite toroid for the QRP operator - this is perfect for small Baluns/Chokes and End-Fed Couplers.  Ideal for use with low-power radios like the FT-817/818, IC-705, KX2, KX3 and similar.

  • 17.45 (outer) x 9.5 (inner) x 6.35mm thick, eg: outer 0.68in dia
  • Fair-Rite 43-mix material

For a simple QRP Choke Balun, use 8 bifilar turns of enameled copper or insulated wire.  If being used across a wide SWR range, maximum power should not exceed 25-watts.  Want to know more? See our video on Ferrite Toroids and Baluns here...

Toroid sizes/types are easy to ID, the "68" translates to 0.68" (diameter) and the "43" is the ferrite mixture. What type do you need? 43 is good from 7MHz and up (and a good general-purpose 7-30MHz solution) while 31 is good for lower HF bands. Remember, you can stack the cores for increased choking and power-handling. As always, ratings need to factor in the aerial (SWR) match and duty-cycle.

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