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Ham Radio, or Amateur Radio is a communications and electronics hobby.  Whether you're a buyer or a maker - we have a bit of everything for not only the Shack, but a range of outdoor/portable kit, too.  A number of products are made in-house, and we take pride in using not only the best quality materials but also the right materials.

We ship to the UK+Europe.

Winter is here - So what projects can we help you with?
How about taming electrical QRM using the 31-mix Problem Solver which is a snap-on ferrite that's ideal for dealing with common-mode nasties!  We also sell smaller snap-on ferrites in 5mm and 9mm sizes.

NEW 4:1 Current Balun will be available Thursday 24th Jan - see here for details.

Stock-up on RG58 and RG213 patch-leads - available in 30cm, 50cm and 1m lengths.

If you have a Doublet or G5RV, it's good practice to fit a Balun at the ladder-line/coax point. Tests have shown that a 1:1 Current Balun is the best choice here: We sell 100-watt and 400-watt versions.  Programming a handheld radio often throws-up a few issues, but it's not too difficult.  If you're struggling, have a look at our video guide to using CHIRP

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