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End-Fed Half-Wave Coupler

End-Fed Half-Wave Coupler
End-Fed Half-Wave Coupler End-Fed Half-Wave Coupler
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The End-Fed Half-Wave is a popular choice for simple /P operating but can also be used equally well at home where a single wire down the garden wouldn't attract too much attention.  This type of matching device transforms the high impedance of a half-wavelength wire down to the 50-ohms expected by your transceiver.  A ground terminal is also provided should you wish to run a counterpoise.

You can run the wire horizontally (ie: from the house down the garden) or directly up a telescopic fishing pole (eg: /P setup).  This makes it an ideal solution for low-profile use at home where restrictions may apply.

  • 250-watt rating
  • 49:1 ratio on FT240 (2.4") ferrite core
  • SO239 coax input and M4 (4mm) terminals for aerial+counterpoise
  • 80x85x55mm
  • Sealed with potting-compound - fully weather-proof with stainless-steel fixings
  • Weight: 280g
  • Instruction sheet inc. tips/tricks and wire ideas also included!

Wire Lengths - we do not sell/supply wire
Approx 21m will be resonant on the 40m, 20m, 15m and 10m bands.  Approx 42m of wire will present a low (under 3:1) SWR on most bands 80m-10m - hopefully bringing it into range of an internal ATU.  We like CB19917 from CPC for our aerial wire.

If you'd prefer a "random" end-fed wire matching device, we also produce a 9:1 Unun.

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