1:1 μBalun QRP
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4:1 Current Balun
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4:1 Current Balun

4:1 Current Balun
4:1 Current Balun
Brand: Ham Goodies
Product Code: HG-BAL41
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A 4:1 Current Balun (Guanella) for use with OCFD, Loops and other situations where your aerial is around 200ohms. Do not be fooled by cheap (and poor design) single-core versions - only a twin-core such as this will work as an effective Current Balun.  This means that you won't need any further choking (loops of coax, ferrite rings etc).

Picture 2 shows the ferrite toroids with 12-turns of cable each.

Best use for this is at the end of your 300/450-ohm feeder before a short run of coax to your antenna tuner.  This 4:1 balun is more robust than the flimsy ones found in many low-end tuners and certainly doesn't use iron-powder cores (see note below).

  • Designed for 3.5MHz to 30MHz (reduced choking on 160m)
  • 400-watt rating
  • 2x FT240-31 ferrite cores
  • SO239 connector and 4mm terminals
  • Optional eye-bolts can be added for strain-relief/mounting
  • 120x80xx45mm
  • Filled with potting-compound for a complete weather-proof solution
  • Weight: 585g

If you're using a Doublet or G5RV, a balun with a 1:1: ratio is advised unless you know the impedance of your aerial will benefit from a 4:1 ratio at the frequencies of interest. Our 1:1 Choke/Balun is available in either 100w or 400w versions.  We also offer a 2:1 Voltage Balun.

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