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2:1 Balun 100w

2:1 Balun 100w
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A 2:1 Balun for use with a resonant full-wave loop which is typically around 100-ohms at its operating frequency.  This solution removes the need for a 75-ohm matching stub.

If you are intending to use an 80m Loop, you may find that it presents as a near 200-ohm load across the most of the HF bands - in which case, a 4:1 Balun is best.  If you want to use the loop on several bands via a tuner, just feed it directly with balanced-line straight from your ATU (and consider a 1:1 G5RV/Doublet Choke).

USE WITH : Full-wave Resonant Loop

  • FT140-43 core
  • Core rated at 175w CW/Digi (assuming a 1:1 match!)
  • 2 side eye-bolts for wire strain-relief
  • SO239 connector
  • 60x60x40mm
  • Sealed with potting-compound - fully weather-proof
  • All fixings are stainless-steel
  • Weight: 200g

We also offer a 4:1 QRO Balun for Doublets and situations where you are using a loop on a particular band where it's 200-ohm.

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